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Can you tell which is the real dream?
Poll Question:
This is an interesting assignment my college creative writing professor gave us. The result in class intrigued me, so I am curious as to what other writers think. We were supposed to write down one real dream and make up another one and then guess which was which. Which of the following is the real dream?

I dreamed I saw a woman on a train. She was naked, on her hands and knees, trying to eat breakfast out of a large, deep rectangular dish like a dog eating out of its bowl. Her breakfast was scrambled eggs that had pieces of sausage and toast mixed up in it. The eggs were very undercooked and runny so that when the train moved, the pieces of sausage and toast would swish around in it. She was trying to eat without getting any on herself or making a mess.

I dreamed I saw a pine tree in the middle of a large field. As I zoomed closer, I saw that it was not a pine tree, but instead was a giant morel mushroom. Underneath the mushroom sat a couple having a picnic. They seemed normal except that they each had large, transparent wings.
Poll Options:
      The first one!
      The second one!
      I'm not sure...
      What a dumb assingment!
      I just like to vote!
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