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Rated: E · User Poll · Adult · #1491410
Should the interactive story "Umberth College" be abandoned?
Poll Question:
Note- this is about an Interactive Story not suitable for children. This poll contains no links.
Umberth College, itself a 'revisit' of the older Unbirthing School, is an attempt to build a more involved storyline than many of the interactives found around here. I have made an attempt at keeping the content of the chapters good-quality (no one-line chapters or run-on-sentences-that-seem-to-go-on-forever), while trying very hard to keep the original authors intent. In the one year it has been in existence, it has a grand total of 68 chapters, compared to others totalling almost 700 chapters or more.

And frankly, I'm stuck. I personally haven't added content since February. Most of the entries after that time were one-liners created by others that I either deleted or I reluctantly 'beefed up'. A few very good (in my opinion) storylines have come up, but most are the kind of stuff those 'other' interactives seem to thrive on. So my question:

Should I just scrap Umberth College?

**UPDATE 11/30/08** 19 votes, two 5-star ratings. Two e-mails, neither of which were directly for the 'Yes, I'll send feedback" or "You should focus on..." choices. The Umberth College Interactive is 121% what it was, with the influx of 14 new entries (grand total 82), with over 7300 views (so roughly one new entry per 90 views). A hearty thanks to the authors willing to give it a go!

**UPDATE 10/03/10** Wow! 93 total votes, a 4.5 star rating (with 14 people rating). More than a dozen e-mails (though none of them were for the 'Yes, I'll send feedback" or "You should focus on..." choices, as far as I could tell.) 175 entries, more than twice what it was! And 24,135 views of Page One! Even if you consider the folks who have viewed it more than once, it is an impressive number. To the eighty of you who said I should hang on to it- well, majority rules. I'll keep it around. To the 13 of you who don't want to see it, well, thank you for your opinion.
Poll Options:
      EW! SCRAP IT!
      Yes, and I'll tell you why... (sending feedback or email)
      Yes, you should focus on (insert Interactive name here) instead.
      Maybe. Have you considered seeing a therapist?
      No no, I'm writing something for it right now.
      No, keep up the good work!
      No, now quit whining and write more!
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