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by Mr. E
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Contest has a Winner! Shrunk with friends family & mores hot girls r now up 4 u 2 vote on!
Poll Question:
Whos your favorite character from Shrunk with friends, family and more? Trishas' easily a MILF and Rachels the hot Girl Next Door. Cassandra's got the curves and Sarah's the hottest blonde around. Julie's the mean girl and Biancas got the playful attitude. Allisons the hot red headed wheather girl and her teenage daughter Cindy is taking after her mom.

But whos the girl of your dreams? (most pictures are on the main page of the interactive. some in the chapters)

Bianca's in the lead now, but Julie and Cassandra are trailing not too far behind. And if you already voted tell your friends to vote for who you want to win. and if you dont have an account and want to see the results then sign up, it only takes a minute.

The Contest Ended but the poll still lives on! Bianca won with a whopping 13 votes! i'll be adding chapters to her sometime this week. Julie managed to race in from fourth to Second place with 9 votes. and third was "I like em all!" with Cassandra next in fourth place. fifth was milfy Trisha with 5 votes and tied for 6th was Sarah and Allison with 4 votes a piece. 7th was Rachel ( i thought she'd do better?) and last place was Cindy with ZERO votes. (it was a tough crowd).

I added Chapters for Bianca and im still adding more to her. not only that but i made an entirely NEW story on GiantessWorld where she is the main character but an older teenage version. check it out, my penname on the site is Mr E

Also I added a New Interactive Recently "Shrinking with Friends, Family And More and Bianca is in it too and shes Older and Bigger!

Just for the hell of it, I'll keep this poll up and see what the results are like next year. Thanks for Voting!

NEW The Contest starts again. this time whoever is in the lead by the end of the year wins a whole bunch of chapters dedicated to her with every situation you can think of! However since Bianca is already in a whopping lead, I want to give every lady a chance by creating a Second Challege Starting today on November Eighteenth 2010. Whoever gets the most votes from now until New Years Day will also win!
For Example: Cassandra has 13 votes right now and Sarah has 12. if Sarah gets 10 votes with a total of 22 and Cassie gets 9 with a total of 22 then Sarah will win! because she got the most votes for the duration of this competition even though both girls are tied! If you dont have a writing.com account its free to sign up so give it a try and see if you like it.

I was originally going to start this contest on Thanksgiving and end it on Cristmas Eve but I thought New Years Eve would be a better time for an end of an era.

Contest is over! Bianca won with 4 votes and cassandra came in second with 2. not bad considering a lot of people already voted. look for Bianca and Cassandra chapters in the main story and If any other girls get more votes i'll add more to them. Note: I changed Cindy to Mandy because it seems she wasnt that popular. sorry guys.
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      I Love em' all
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/polls/item_id/1625063-Whos-your-Favorite-Character-from-SwFFM