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You're my new pet! Where will I keep you on my body?
Poll Question:
You're my new pet! Congratulations, little guy. I'm going to let you choose which of my giant body parts will keep you company while I go about my day. You can choose to spend your day..

Poll Options:
      In the front of my pants, meeting your new boyfriend
      In the back of my pants, wedged between the twins
      On a chain around my neck, swinging against my smooth chest
      Riding in my clean sneaker, snuggling up to my giant foot
      Lying in my smelly sneaker, flat under my sweaty sole
      Inside my dank, dark gym bag with all the socks and jockstraps you can handle
      Ridng in my pocket, with my giant hand stroking you now and then
      Nestled in my thick, soft hair under my baseball cap
      Tucked underneath my sweaty armpit - If you can stand the smell!
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