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Pick ur favorite type of vore
Poll Question:
Pick your favorite type of vore keep in mind that the animal you picked in my last poll

Anal vore-you go in willingly or unwilling in through theFeral,Anthro,Furry, animal you picked in my other polls anus and are either digest or not
Cock vore-in this The Feral,Anthro,animal you picked is male and you he cock vores you which means you will go up his cock and end up in his balls to either be digested into cum or live I his sack
unbirth vore-the Feral,Anthro animal you picked is female and ou enter her pussy all the up passed her cervix up to her womb
Soft you-the Feral, Anthro animal you picked will eat you through hi or her mouth and you will
End up in his/her stomach or pass all the way through to be their slave and pleasure them and get it back in return
Hard vore-the Feral,Anthro, animal rips you to bits a painful death
Hair vore-the Feral,Anthro animals hair or fur eates you
Breast vore-(female)the animal you picked is female and you get eaten by her breast to get digested into milk or stay their and live in her breast
other-any vore that I haven thought of email me and let me know which one I missed and I will add it
Tail vore - the animal,furry,Feral,Anthro eats you through it's tail up to end up in it's stomach
Poll Options:
      Anal vore
      Cock vore
      Unbirth vore
      Soft vore
      Hard vore
      Hair vore
      Breast vore
      Tail vore
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