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People have reasons for doing what they do. Do you know why you want to become a writer?
Poll Question:
Have you ever really asked yourself, what and who am I writing for and to?

If you haven't, you should. An honest assessment of this question will help you stay focused on the specific target you wish to achieve.. If your answer isn't one of the nine listed, don't be alarmed. This question wasn't designed for a specific answer but for you, the reader, to ask and answer it for yourself. Think about it. Marlin
Poll Options:
      fame and fortune
      I have something important to say
      It's time someone stepped up to the plate
      I'm retired and now, have the time to write and life experiences to draw from
      I am compelled
      other, share with me if you like
      Raise awareness on issues being unsatisfactorly addressed
      It's a great answer to, "What do you do for a living"!
      I live in what I write. I write to live. I live to write.
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