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by RedAce
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What type, Video Game, Anime, OC, etc. You like to use and/or see in Size-Changing stories
Poll Question:
Alright, here is another poll from me. Now onto the poll intro. What is your favorite, "Subject type" when it comes to writing or looking at any form of written works that deal with Size-Changing and the likes. You have (5) options to choose from. From the popular Anime / Manga characters to the average folks you know everyday. I everyone who takes this poll has a good time voting and seeing who is used the most. Please be honest with your pick and be sure to tell others.

I also have a Interactive in my portfolio. So please check that out as well. If anyone has a possible suggestion for a new poll I have done yet, please drop me a line. Though it has to be related to Size-changing please. Have a good day and happy voting.
Poll Options:
      Anime / Manga Characters
      Video Game Characters
      OC (Original Character)
      Real Life (Celebrities, Actors, etc.)
      Real Life (Normal Folks or People You know)
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/polls/item_id/2054858-Favorite-Subject-Type-to-use-andor-see