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A family shrinks except one, decide who.
Poll Question:
A family ends up shrinking except one, choose which family you would like to see get their hands on the rest of their shrunken family.

Abigail (12)
Green eyes, black hair in pigtails. Very energetic and friendly girl. Very mature for her age as well as kind and caring towards others, very social with a lot of friends. Loves to play and experiment with her toys and dolls pretending they are real people.

Dinah (43)
blue eyes, grey streaked hair in a pony tail, big boobs and a bouncy rear. Single mother and is a hard worker, loves her family and would do anything for them. Looks great and young for her age.

Carie (18)
blue eyes, pixie cut brunette, hand full up top, practically no ass. Head cheerleader with a bit of an attitude problem, likes being the centre of attention and is only kind to those who thinks deserves it. Doesn't exactly get along with her family.

Emily (15)
Brown eyes with brown hair likes to keep it hanging. Very shy and introverted and loves ready, a bit smart and doesn't have too many friends. Gets along with her family well. Kind and caring towards others even if she struggles to.

Top vote gets a story based on them keeping their shrunken family.
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