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Sure, pumpkin spice is fine, but what about the other fine fall foods?
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Not too very long ago, I had written a little piece about pumpkin spice. (see
What's the Big Deal About Pumpkin Spice?  (E)
Whether we like it or not, Pumpkin Spice season is on its way early this year...
#2229839 by Jenn Webster
Now, here is a follow-up of sorts; We all know that pumpkin spice happens to be the most popular fall flavor, but there happen to be other fall foods besides that. So I would very much like to ask you: What kinds of OTHER fall foods that you enjoy the very most?
Poll Options:
      Apple Cider Donuts
      Spiced Wafer Cookies
      Waffles With Maple Syrup
      Maple Cookies
      Hot Chocolate
      Candy Corn
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