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Your choice will decide who shall be the next calendar girl for the year of hope...
Poll Question:
There is simply just no question about it: 2020 has been an apocalyptic year, with a pandemic, race riots, etc. Yours truly is in the early planning stages of creating a brand-new digital calendar for the year of 2021, a year in which all of us would be thinking the same thought right now: A year of hope. This year's calendar girl in which I shall be drawing this year should be wearing a fashion based on a symbol that would represent hope in this coming year. That is where you fellow members of this great writing community called Writing.Com come in! I need your help to determine which symbol of hope would best represent this coming calendar year's digital calendar; whichever symbol with the most votes shall very well be featured in my new digital calendar, which will be coming soon! But for right now, I would very much like to know: Which symbol of hope would very best represent the calendar year of 2021, in which we hope would be a Year of Hope? Choose with your heart, and good luck!
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      Yellow & Blue
      Ocean Waves
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/polls/item_id/2232738-Will-2021-Be-a-Year-of-Hope