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Poll Question:
Alrighty there ladies and gents.

This is P-Two-Three-Four, coming to you, my small but exceedingly loyal fanbase, to ask you for advice.

Now you may know that I’ve started (and not completed) a lot of arcs over the course of my short writing period.

My biggest problem is I’m not sure which arcs I should finish off that I started beforehand. This is where You, the People, come in.

Who doesn’t love a bit of democracy?!

Ok, enough chat. Which arc do YOU want to see completed?
Poll Options:
      Trait Thieves OG (Trait Theft)
      New Trait Thieves (Trait Theft 2)
      Acquiring Powers Trait Thieves (Acquiring Powers 7)
      Any of Danny’s arcs
      Any of Megan’s arcs
      Arcs of Gabby and the TG folks
      A trait swap with a different protagonist
      A new Trait Thieves arc
      More Ms. Deverne’s hotel stories
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