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We all are familiar with what we call family, relatives in bad times and the good. Lies...
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We live with our family, don't we? We forget the meaning and value of it at times. The irony lies when we mistake relatives with family, that is where we get a lot of pain and in-fact the betrayal of life.
To be blown by good times and only happiness is the ultimate goal of all living beings. To be loved and appreciated tops the priority, acceptance becomes very important to one. Do we not always think that as a part of a family or a team precisely means to be growing and being happy together always? But there is a thin line to accomplish that and, that just is simply not to be carried away by the words as sweet as a diabetic causing sugar.
As we keep up with so much of our time occupied in the pleasing of others we forget what self-respect and dignity looks like, we forget what happiness and good memories we have been wanting. As a sinful human and the one with so much of a forgiving heart we get blown but the little fact that not every relative is a part of our family.
An apple that is rotten cannot be kept with the other good apples in order to be healthy, likewise a person once that has betrayed and caused immense pain is never a family, that must be the work of an outsider and only a relative.
Family will not rot neither will it hurt you to the core of your heart that would never be good for you at your lows.
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