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How do you like your prompts?
Poll Question:
After participating in various writing contests that employ prompts and eventually running my own prompt contest, I have started to wonder about prompts. In particular, I've wondered about the types of prompts people like the most (but not necessarily see the most). Now is my chance to find this out from you, my fellow Writing.com members! When selecting your answer, I encourage you to think about all kinds of writing where you use prompts (poetry, stories, journals/blogs, essays, etc.). This is to find out what people think of prompts on the whole.

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To help provide some clarity on the choices, I have provided examples of the options.

*Printer* Words and short phrases: Things such as food (onions, baked Alaska), titles (Hot Fuzz), or street names (Solid Waste Road)

*Printer* Quotes: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

*Printer* Specific questions: "What do you think would happen if a stranger went back in time and saved one of your relatives from a tragic accident?"

*Printer* Quotes paired with specific questions: "Every cloud has a silver lining. Do you think there is an upside to every pitfall? Do you think it's even possible for every pitfall to have something redeeming about it?"

*Printer* Prompts with parameters: Along with activities like Two Word Tuesday, this could be writing in response to another user's journal/blog entry or selecting your own topics based on stated criteria by the host.

*Printer* Open Ended Exercises: Along with activities like Suddenly Sunday, this could be responding to a prompt asking you to describe a scene ("In at least 300 words, describe a Saturday night dinner party in a remote venue.") or place ("Write a pantoum about exploring a sea kelp forest.").

*Printer* Prompt Banks or Generators: There is the Writing.com Prompt Generator   or ArtPrompts  .
Poll Options:
      I like words or short phrases.
      I like images.
      I like specific questions.
      I like quotes.
      I like quotes paired with specific questions.
      I like prompts with parameters (e.g. Two Word Tuesday).
      I like open ended exercises (e.g. Suddenly Sunday)
      I like prompt banks or generators that have a variety of forms.
      I like something else.
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