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What I would like to accomplish at Writing.Com...
Poll Question:
There are many reasons to love Writing.Com but what is it you would like to accomplish here, if anything?

I created this poll after being here five short weeks back in December of 2002. I've seen people come and go, for various reasons, and others stay because they love this community and benefit from the encouragement and support it has to offer. What really surprised me at first was that many members did not join because they longed to be published. I didn't understand this, but the longer I am here, the more aware I am of people's needs.

And now, please take part in my poll and be sure to email me with any specifics that you'd like to add. *Bigsmile*

Love, Cubby ")
Poll Options:
      I am here for fun but perhaps I will learn something, too.
      I like to see my writing in print.
      I long to be published and feel the reviews are very helpful.
      I am a published author and want to help others by reviewing their work honestly.
      I am an editor who enjoys reviewing work at this site.
      I write for my own enjoyment and love to hear all feedback.
      I write for my own enjoyment and do not appreciate any suggestions for improvement... only positive.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/581673