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What is your reason for passing, without comment, poorly written items?
Poll Question:
Every now and then, when reading the work of others on the site, I come across a very poorly written piece. It might be a narrative or a story with serious grammatical, structural, or spelling errors that detract from the overall work. Perhaps the characters are flat, or the plot is flat or missing altogether. It might be a poem that is so flowery, metaphorical, or effusive that it defies my immediate understanding.

I really don't believe in giving a low rating without comment, so I find myself just clicking off of it. Even though I know that those are the pieces upon which I should be offering suggestions for improvement, for various reasons I often do not. I was wondering, am I the only one? And if not, why do we do that if the purpose is to encourage each other?

Let's see what's going on here.
Poll Options:
      I don't want to hurt the writer's feelings by going into all the reasons why the piece reads so poorly.
      It would take too much effort to offer the kind of comments/suggestions that would help the writer improve his/her work.
      When it's that bad, I don't read enough of it to make comment.
      I don't feel qualified to make constructive comment on such work.
      I don't like to appear overly critical when I give a detailed review.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/polls/item_id/837987-Why-Dont-I-RR-Really-Bad-Items