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by Bmao
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If you were a soldier in Iraq, which gun would work best against the insurgents?
Poll Question:
You, a marine in Iraq, find yourself trapped inside a blown out building in Fallujah. Insurgents and jihadists are everywhere, while all your comrades have fallen dead. Somehow, you must fight your way out of the building, through the bomb blasted streets, and find your way back to your regiment.

There is a table before you, stashed with a wide variety of weapons. You can only carry one, and you must choose now, for the insurgents are right outside the door.

Choose well, for you will not have a second chance.
Poll Options:
      M-4 Carbine
      Shotgun of any sort
      Missile Launcher
      Dual Pistols
      Sniper rifle
      Become a suicide bomber!! For Jihad!!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/polls/item_id/943860-What-gun-would-you-use