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Concerning the worlds' population.
Poll Question:

A simple question:

Do you believe there is going to be a massive die off of the human race within our lifetime? *Mountains*

Meaning of die-off:
A sudden, sharp decline of a population.

Meaning of massive:
1. Large in scope or degree. 2. In comparison to what is typical. 3. Being extensive and severe.

*Worry* *Confused* *Geek* *Silent* *Rolleyes*


My spidey sense is telling me that my viewers are hungry for more information on timely topics like this. No affiliation, I just like their articles.

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Poll Options:
      Yes, multitudes will be dying due to overpopulation.
      Absolutely. Multitudes will be dying due the coming oil crash (global peak oil).
      Definitely, because that’s what the secret societies, which control the world, want.
      Of course. Multitudes will be succumbing for other reasons.
      No way! Humanity will simply keep on going, uninterrupted, as it has.
      My opinion is not listed here. (Feel free to email me.)
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/polls/item_id/974615-Three-Billion-or-Less