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People have different opinions about people with this psychiatric diagnosis.
Poll Question:
Originally referred to as "manic-depression," the diagnosis is now called "bipolar disorder." It's the same rose by either name.

From your experience, I'd be interested to know if there is social stigma attached to this diagnosis or not. Comments won't be taken personally. It's research to back up an article:

Noteworthy Bipolars  (13+)
These bipolars are more commonly known for their positive contributions to society.
#752707 by a sunflower in Texas
Poll Options:
      I stay away from people like that. They're moody, unpredictable.
      I've heard of people with this disorder, but never met one.
      I have friends with this, and I worry about them sometimes.
      My friends have told me I have this.
      I have been diagnosed with this by a doctor.
      Bipolars are just like everyone else as far as I know.
      I've never heard of this disorder.
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