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Finished novels and works in progress
Welcome to Novels From the Sandbox These are some of my longer works. Some are complete, some I'm still working on and updating.

Included are:

Destination: Berlin: It's 1988 and American Corporal Sharon Cates finds herself in the middle of East Germany when the Berlin Duty Train derails.

Human Nature: In 1975, Dr. Madeline Jace, a genetic scientist discovers how to clone a human being.

The Heart's Torment: The prequel to "Twilight Over Moldavia", it takes place in Constanta, Moldavia in 1865 as Stefan's parents' marriage is threatened by a werewolf.

The Flames of Madeoc: My outtake of Starrstruck's "OUAT" series. An alternate verison of what happens between Bastian and Edana in the meadow.

All That Remains: A contemporary romance that takes place in New England. Darrin Banning is trying to forge a new life for himself and meets Kristina Rivera, an engaging lawyer who brings out the best in him.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/1019549-Novels-From-the-Sandbox