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Children's stories, usually prompted
Stories written with children in mind.

This is such a growing experience. Every time I look at one of my stories, I find areas that need some new work. As I learn more, I recognize more.

I spend time editing, changing, and re-doing because I'm picky and because it teaches me more than the original writing did. Everything I write is a work in progress, so I value all comments and feedback, especially, with these stories, regarding how well they read for kids.

All of these stories have been born as a result of prompts. It's amazing sometimes to discover what one ends up with when offered an idea that could go anywhere. Why do they finish as children's stories? I don't know, but how fun is it to give birth without all that heaving and pushing and screaming? Well, maybe that happens anyway *Smile*
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    Mrs. King occupies her children.
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    Even a boy can be a hero.
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    Horses tell a little girl a secret
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    A boy takes a strange train ride
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