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These are poems I have been too ashamed to dig up and post because they are so bad
Since I have officially moved out on my own now (haha, meaning I'm only at my parent's house two days a week instead of four) my mother wanted me to sort through all these boxes of papers I had stashed in my closet, and while I was going through everything I stumbled upon my old poetry folder. So memory's sake I decided to take a look, and discovered a small collection of poems I didn't remember writing. When I read through them, I understood why -- they weren't on (in my opinion) quite the same level as my other work of that time (found in the "original" sub-folder of my poetry folder). But, having recently decided to try my hand at poetry once more (and discovering how difficult it can be to write even something bad) I respected these poems as a worthy effort, undeserving of being buried in my closet for so long.
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    The depression of knowing another person can't fill you
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