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My trilogy about faith, crises, and meetings over some really tasty beverages.
I want to talk to you about religion.

Yes, religion. What every mother warned you about. Slightly worse than politics, but not as bad as gastrointestinal problems.

Most folk are pretty good with the religion with which they were raised. Others rebel hardcore and end up believing in nothing. Some just wander listlessly and still others believe way too much and tend to become righteous asshats. Oh well.

Of course, I...I traveled the road less traveled by. Except right then, of course, when I delved into the realm of cliches and Robert Frost poems. Instead of the typical paths, of faithlessness and/or acceptance, I had:


This is a trilogy consisting of three (yes, purposeful redundancy) pieces dealing with the search for faith, acceptance of that faith, and acceptance of one's self. Each piece has a different feel and each was written at a very different time in my life.

"Tea Party With God" is the first piece, written in my Junior year of High School. It was an assignment for AP English, which inspired me to continue the thing. It is introspective and relatively serious and largely unedited from the time I wrote it six years ago.

"Coffee Talk With Christ" is the second, written halfway through college. It is sarcastic and largely defensive as is befitting a sophomore in college. And it is redolent with confusion and digressions. It is within this piece, largely unedited since I wrote it (like the first, to reflect my state of mind while I was writing it), that I first begin to truly figure out what I feel.

"Happy Hour With Satan" is the final, and longest piece, of the trilogy, written some months after my twenty-first birthday and during my final semester as a college student. It is a largely philosophical tract dealing almost entirely with the path I took to come to my faith, but it is also full of self doubt and fear because it was written at a time in my life when I was unsure of what I would do. It is also my favorite of the pieces. And, obviously, the most mature as it was written most recently.

It is obviously allegorical, but it is about more than just religion. It's about growing up, finding one's self, and learning to be a fricken adult already.

Have fun!
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