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Where shall we go today, dear reader?
Into a land of make-believe and magic?

Of Princes and Princesses
Slaying Dragons and evil Lords?

Or shall we take a trip down the alley of danger?
Where action and adventure awaits us at every turn?

Perhaps a little romance to soothe our souls
To bring a warmth to our hearts and minds

I dare say you'd want a good laugh
Allow me to tickle your funny bones with this comedic entry

However somber tales do mingle in here
Stories to make you cry or gnash your teeth

A terrifying excerpt perhaps
Sending shivers down your spine

Whatever you fancy, you might find in here
So sit back, relax and have a cup of cheer

And welcome to my little kingdom of tales.*Smile*


Merit Badge in Writing
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You are so talented in all that you write, Kiya! All of your stories entrance me into their world. You're very good. Never stop writing and I, of course, will definitely keep reading! Awesome port!
Tracey Merit Badge in Romance
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Congratulations on your first place win in  [Link To Item #1102033]  for  [Link To Item #1104344] . Great job. I appreciate your participation *^*Smile*^* And hope you had fun!
Tracey Merit Badge in Drama
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For the dramatic perfection and the Wow! power of "David's Tale." May your stories never stop coming. Merit Badge in Imagery
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For all your beautiful signatures! Merit Badge in Funny
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For writing such a humorous poem  [Link To Item #1092923]  that made me laugh!! Great job!
Merit Badge in Horror Scary
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For the Most Reviews 
You won 1st place in the Simply Everything Halloween contest for 2006!!
Tammy & Trish Merit Badge in Erotica
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I know you are probably thinking why, it is for you short story; Deaths Temptation, the scene was written wonderfully and definately had a little of this genre involved although nothing so graphic!!

Serenity Merit Badge in Short Stories
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Congratulations in winning over-all First Place in  [Link To Item #987300]  for the months of Jan-May '06, for your writing  [Link To Item #1062831] . It's an awesome story and well deserved *^*Bigsmile*^*
Tracey Merit Badge in Poetry
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Third Place *^*Bigsmile*^*
"Of WDC and Drama"
WDC Poetry Contest 5/07
Merit Badge in Detective
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For 'hunting' out the magic in each and every port of the 'Simply Everything' March 'Find The Magic' contest. (And being the first to do so!)

Nice job, Kiya!  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support of SE!
Tammy and Trish
Merit Badge in Science Fiction
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For delving into science fiction yet remembering the innate humanity behind it! Merit Badge in Mystery
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Congratulations for winning 2nd place in the WDC Angel Army Mystery Shorts Merit Badge in Fiction
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You are an amazing lady, Kiya. Warmest regards, Sisco. *^*Heart*^*

Thank you StaiNed Boo! for the lovely ribbon that graces the folder! *Bigsmile*
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