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My journal and other pieces about myself.
Made by the lovely Kiya.

I was born the fourth of July in 89.
My hair is dark brown, straight as a line.
I love music by Motley Crue, Pantera, and Alice In Chains,
I don't like dentists - they cause too much pain.

I love history, especially the Civil War.
I like playing in the rain when it pours.
I love to play with cats,
But I hate wearing hats.

I want to pursue a career in rhetoric.
I am also bad with mathematics.
I like writing stories,
Especially about life after the 1840s.

I want to visit Norway and the South,
But plane trips make me pout.
I love German culture and speaking,
And a place to live in Dresden I am seeking.
Public speaking gives me the jitters;
I hope to make it glitter.

I like everything clean,
So if I find dirt, I can get pretty mean.
I like playing in the snow,
Until it chills my toes.

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