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A lifetime of writing poetry shared within, if not in my blog or other dedicated folders.

Poetic Referendum(s) On Life  (18+)
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In the process of re-releasing some of my efforts to share with a new community. Not that anyone is prying...

I started writing lyrics as a teen with the dream of starting a band. That lasted about six weeks, and none of us could play instruments anyway. Then, girls came along and the words returned and I discovered poetry. It has been a long journey with many mentors along the way who helped shape what I write now.

Music still inspires. I've studied Keats, Blake, Milton and Shakespeare up to present day writers. I met and tried to impress Maya Angelou who visited my college class where I studied Toni Morrison and Margaret Atwood. I tried to impress upon her a comparison I found between her lyrical style and John Keats. She politely looked at me like I was a nut job. But it was fun to know I had her ear for a few fleeting moments. What an idiotic gaffe of idolatry.

Well, here we go! An eclectic, disjointed collection of poetic ramblings from the rhymed and/or lyrical, free verse or meager attempts at form. Hope you feel inspired to comment.
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