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Collection of essays on various topics of interest to me. Read at own risk.
This is a collection of essays on topics that interest me. This is not really a blog. I intend to perhaps use some of these essays, mainly the ones about writing, to one day teach new writers, whatever their age, about (what else?) writing.

I know, I know... "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach." I've heard the cliche before, and while I may not be published quite yet, I have learned a few things in my life, short as it has been. I would like to share a few of these ideas with others to help them grow and learn, and perhaps become better writers. These essays are merely my thoughts on various subjects, and as such they should be taken with a big, fat block of salt. I make no apologies and take no prisoners, though I do intend to avoid posting rants here. That's what Live Journal is for, right? Emo/goth rants about how my life sucks and I wish I was dead, and I don't know why I haven't cut my wrists yet... in short, boring personal stuff you don't want to read. I'll avoid it as much as possible.

I might divide this folder into several subfolders later, so as to keep the subjects separate and steer any future students of mine to the right essays. If they want to read the other stuff, they can, but they're not likely to learn much from essays on things the society of Brave New World is not equipped to survive. Yes, I did write that, and I'll be posting the updated version from my Live Journal eventually.

Anyway, if you've come here, don't expect fiction. I've lied enough to you in the other areas of my portfolio. Here you will find only the truth. Or at least, what I consider to be the truth. If I find out I'm wrong, the corresponding essay will either be edited or vanish in a swirling maelstrom of "Baleeted". And no, you don't have to get the joke.

Hope you enjoy your stay! And if not, simply run screaming to the other sections! I'm sure they'll gladly embrace you and keep away these scary essays I've written.
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