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by KimChi
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No secret recipes, just fun and games, C-notes and pictures!
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The magic of meal preparation begins back here, in "Gaia's Greenhouse where I start my seeds.

"Karma's Kitchen is a place for serious work, and serious play. She is in charge of the word games as well as the menu. We try to keep out of her way...

"Kim's Office is where I keep the paperwork. The "Scrapbook is in there too—so the photographs don’t get ruined by marinara. The illustrations for the menu are stashed in the "Filing cabinet, while the "Spice Cabinet keeps my signature flavors fresh for reviews and posts.

The only place off limits is the "Broom Closet. Liability purposes--you understand.
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    Come for games; stay for the c-notes. But play nice! You know what they say about her...
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    Storage for my signature spices and pictures.
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    I like to putter around in here for inspiration, and nurture the wilting herbs.
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