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A beautiful Community Garden--bring a picnic or just rest a while.
Raven, age 10, is hugging her 3 best friends at art camp last summer !

*Flower5*Let's Plant a Garden on W.Com ! If you'd like to join us, SEND AN IMAGE NUMBER of an exceptional single photo of your garden, children playing in your yard, a birthday or a wedding celebration in your garden, or your treasured flower bed, landscape, birds/butterflies, and your house and garden. Plant your photo/painting here. Plant it with a poem or share what the photo means to you. OR Consider sending your photo in memory of someone special. With your participation, this garden will be alive with great photos, memories, and lots of smiles We'll ask a jury *Star* to give out prizes to the exceptional presentations by category.

Instructions for planting in our Community Garden:

Download your photo/painting into your own portfolio and set it for sharing so I can drop by and pick up the item number and paste your image here. Please dear friends, don't email your images to me.

Send me an email with whatever writing you want included--a poem or a memory, a one sentence description of the flora, and your dedication. Write well.
I look forward to planting your beautiful offering :) Gabriella *Flower2* *Flower2*


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    The magnolias in Maria's neighborhood
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    LadyOz's marigolds are a beautiful addition to the garden !
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    Tealynn planted her flower in memory of happy times spent with her father.
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    A great photo of Kenzie with bluebonnets.
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    Arrakun sent a daisy from N.Dakota
    Rated: E · Other · #1249422
    JB Jackson's stirring description of a Wyoming sunset.
    Rated: E · Other · #1254456
    A beautiful parade of leaves.
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    Photo taken in Ireland, summer 2008.
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    Let this be our garden's legacy.
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    Enjoy the garden and feel free to leave a message
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