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Rated: 13+ · Folder · Action/Adventure · #1307043
A folder containing accounts of the pleasure world Atthiras written by one of the targets.
"I live on Atthiras, a pleasure world. I guess that conjures up quite an image, doesn't it? Pleasure world. A world where you can do exactly as you please all day, every day. Want to build a sixteen room mansion? Go ahead. Add a swimming pool? No worries.

Want to sleep with the most beautiful woman on the planet? Not a problem. Just walk right up and take her; even if she doesn't know who the hell you are, there's nobody to stop you. Go ahead. She'll enjoy it once you get into your stride.

What about hunting? Think you can track down and kill another human? Here I am, another anonymous target just waiting for your gun.

Have I shocked you yet? I hope so. Because there's no way you can understand how things are all the time you're running away with the idea that a pleasure world is some kind of Utopia. I told you my name was Shadow. That's not quite true, but I don't know what my real name is or was anymore."--Extract from The Shadow Journals
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