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Creeping NeoFascism => NeoNation, demands a NeoFlag => see the new face of America!
These NeoFLAG images are meant to be a wake-up call - a slap in the face for every U.S. citizen that views them. They represents the place our country is arriving if we all continue to sit back waiting for the NeoDemo-RepubliCon Congress to reverse the process by which our republic has been hijacked by lying, scheming traitors to their oaths of high office => Cheney, Bush, and their cronies.
This gang of crooks has dragged our nation down, and we continue steadily sinking into the stinking NeoSwamp of torture, wars of aggression, staged terror, suspention of the Constitution, spying on citizen, gay bashing bigotry, revocation of womens rights, and creation of mercenary armies soon to be deployed in our cities ....
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/1366232-More-NeoFlag-images