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These are some ideas and plans I've been kicking around for a while.

Leon Davis- 17, the main character of the story. Can manipulate any element except Wind, as he is a Black Mage.

Emily Davis- 19, Leon's sister. She has previously entered this world, where she was the underling of Zaria Rathan, became known as Wellton Match's aprentice.

Zaria Rathan- ?, is the leader of "The Five". Is widely recognized as the most powerful Grey Mage to have ever lived, until his balance was upset a hundred years ago, and he became pure Black. In an attempt to regain his former mastery, he studied the Ancient Magiks of the Fathers, and has developed a secondary mastery of Fire. A total mastery of two aspects of Black Magic has enabled him to rise in influence and conquer the Republic of Farador. He then spread his conquest into the elvin matriarchal country of Tercia. Currently the emporer of the Imperial League of Anther. Called The Saber, or the Noble.

Dustin Vanguard- ?, is the 5th member of "The Five". one of the most powerful Water Mages ever to have lived. However, he is also one of the only ones that are still alive. He is Zaria's right hand man. Claims that knowing his death allows him to take advantage of his fate. Led the Davidson Massacre while under the influence of the Curse of the Mirror of Virtue. Sometimes called Black-Wind, The Gambler, or the Foil.

Wellton Match- ?, the Flame Magician of "The Five". History is unknown, though legend says he has been in every war since the beginning of time. Is Zaria's left-hand man, and the General of the Imperial Army. He was recently wounded in a battle with a fleeing man in the wilderness. Sometimes called the Flame of the West, or the Saber.

Maya Derethan- ?, the Earth Magician of "The Five". Hails from the Isle of Benedor, and was cast out for possesing Magic. Was rescued by Zaria and Dustin, but has stood against them in their rise to power, and is currently in hiding. Sometimes called the Maiden, or the Healer.

Theresa Snow- ?, is the only elvin member of "The Five". The sister of the recently killed Queen of Tercia, but was cast out of the Royal Family for breaking tradition. Is related somehow to Tam Sorono. Heads the Eredin Mercenaries. Has a hidden guilt surrounding Dustin's fall. Sometimes called the Archer, or the Knife in the Dark.

Tam Sonoro- 30, was raised by the Royal Family of Tercia, but left of his own accord in order to be free of the pity associated with being half-elf. While a skilled swordsman, he is far from Master status, and has only recently come out of the Prison of Fog. Has a blood-tie to his sister, Ariel, but is believed to have been an agent of Zaria, as he personally mutilated the Queen of Tercia, after being imprisoned for 3 years.
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