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Stories that involve or pay homage to characters from movies, TV and other sources.
Hello! *Cool*

Most of my writing these days has been dedicated to my alter ego. Because of the stories that I tell with him, I've often found myself making homages to other material (Godzilla, Men In Black, Nightmare on Elm Street are a few examples). Because of that and the fun that I've had in writing those, I figured that I'd share them with the WDC community.

Now, be forewarned, for many of the items that get posted here, you may be a tad confused, due to the nature of the stories themselves. There are many references to events and people in the character's life revolving around his job (professional wrestler in a world where professional wrestling is real). As such, it is possible that these things may diminish (though, I'd hope that it may enhance) your reading of the material.

Enjoy the foray into the mind of The Ebony Destroyer.
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