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Thoughtful rhymes with a social/political air...
There are people who think that I’m wasting away.
They see me as selfish, just wanting to play.
What little they know of my spirit and soul -
Not one comprehends that I, too, have a goal.

Aspirations of helping to strengthen a mind,
To end senseless hatred…shed light to the blind,
To show that respect of most common of men
Can reap such rewards for the world citizen.

I write with strong hope, heartfelt words all might hear,
I write for our planet we hold very dear.
My message states simply to open your eyes…
Look hard at the world - See how man crucifies

The very existence of what we adore,
With brutal mentality few can ignore.
Our patience is waning - there’s so much to dread;
With fingers near buttons that kill planets - DEAD!

My writings point out what is already known;
The truth stands before us…We’ve got to atone!
Please read with your hearts, for my message stands true:
The fate of our world lies with me…and with you.

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