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This is where I will place all my assignments for Writers academy!
*Star* I have decided to join another group, what I dub the writing school. It is filled with many oppurtunities for writer's to hone their craft. It has a lot of activities, and it works just as any school would. However, it's not just a school... it's an academy!

*Star* This is where I will place my assignments, as I complete them. Feel free to browse, rate, and review any items. They will be graded items eventually, as required by the Headmistress Anastasia. V. Pergakis . The professors shall grade them at the end of the week.

*Star* So, if you are interested in joining this fun group. Head on over to the Writer's Academy. Here's the link: "Invalid Item If you have any questions, they might be answered here in this "Invalid Item, or you can just email Miss Harley

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/1527038-Assignments-Writers-Academy