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Wolf demons, wind giants, mystical dreams...an original serial fantasy.
TITLE: Manitou Island

GENRES: Fantasy, adventure, drama, mythology.


SUMMARY: Teenager Charmian has been chosen by the demon Dreamspinner to be guardian and protector of a young woman who holds the salvation of an entire island in her hands. But when the Island in question is populated by hideous spirits and monsters bent on its destruction, can it truly be saved? An original serial fantasy with dreams, Ojibwa mythology, and maybe a teeny little smattering of Jung.


WRITING DATE: 2001-2003.

LENGTH: 110 chapters, 380,000+ words.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Fantasy violence, mild adult language, mild adult themes.

COPYRIGHT: This story and all characters, unless otherwise stated in the Disclaimers, are copyright © tehuti_88 and may not be used or distributed without permission. The reader is free to print out or download a copy of this story for offline reading as long as the author's copyright information remains upon it. Please do not distribute; if you wish to share this story, send a link to this page.

DISCLAIMERS: Ocryx and his "species" are © the Haunted Theatre of Mackinac Island. Certain characters such as Manabozho are from Ojibwa mythology. Although aspects of this story are loosely based on Ojibwa mythology and culture, artistic license has been taken as this is a FANTASY story. Please take note that this story was written between 2001-2003 and that my writing style and understanding of the mythology I created have changed vastly in the meantime.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Featured in the Action/Adventure Newsletter, Drama Newsletter, and Fantasy Newsletter (twice); winner of the Amazing Works In Progress Award, July 2002 (Writing.com).
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/160091-Manitou-Island