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Just because I need a home for new poetry...
Splattered into the chilled air,
Prisms caught in drops.
Red, yellow, blue, green,
Icy reminders of ocean's might.
Northeast wind rides waves,
Gales push tidal waters higher.

Everywhere we looked was ocean;
Bounding high above rocks,
Blasting spray across piers.

The ebb tide a long lost memory,
Instead a deluge greeted us.
Determined to make safe port,
East by southeast we motored,
Shoved by wind and water.

Another man may stand strong,
Neptune brave and staunch.
Doubtlessly he never sailed the Atlantic.

Bobbing as wayward cork
On angry green foam,
Azimuth compass spins and points
"This way to home but maybe not safety."

Red skied morning ignored we had set out,
Into the teeth of a spring storm,
Driven by haste and thoughtlessness.
Eastward sun breaks through clouds.
Splattered in chilly air, rainbows appear.
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