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Fortunes Lent

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"Upon yesterdays sorrows lay a path to broken morrows. All that could have been has been replaced by all that should not be. Lingering in the space between, reality or so it seems is not without its dark truths and consequence."
Keaton Foster 2010

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    Rated: E · Adult · #1763591
    A special poem about missing someone long after it is too late to make things right.
    Rated: E · Adult · #1762219
    (April 2011, Rising Stars Contest Winner) A deeply personal tale of a true love lost..
    Rated: E · Drama · #1756270
    Flash Fiction-a special message of change and how we come to see the world in our own way.
    Rated: 18+ · Adult · #1751429
    A dark prose about a man facing his end, a fate he feels has long since been defined
    Rated: 18+ · Adult · #1720998
    (throwdown)A young private faces his first day in the early stages of Vietnam.
    Rated: E · Adult · #1929613
    A tribute video for Edgar Allan Poe's Annabelle Lee.. With music, images and effects added
    Rated: E · Adult · #1885142
    A special poem about a dream meant to change my world and wash away my fears.
    Rated: E · Adult · #1876662
    A poem about giving people weapons to deal with life through my words.
    Rated: E · Adult · #1840304
    A weird poem that would not get out my head,so I wrote it out. A poem about ideas as hats
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