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Causes that I have a heart for and speaking out against Domestic abuse of any kind.
These are some of the writes about abuse and my stand against them. April is Child Abuse Awareness month.
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    Rated: 18+ · Educational · #2105590
    An emotional catharsis after a 2d female bully unloaded on me on 12/10/16.
    Rated: ASR · Community · #2006431
    Acrostic I wrote after a high water rescue in 2004.
    Rated: E · Tribute · #1894495
    Acrostic tribute to Belinda who made an AHA donation.
    Rated: E · Tribute · #1894493
    A tribute acrostic to a customer who bought an MDA shamrock.
    Rated: E · Tribute · #1894491
    Honoring some of those who purchase for charity. Christine is but one of those.
    Rated: E · Other · #1716541
    A prayer to the Lord to watch over those who walk in the Memories Walk.
    Rated: E · Tribute · #1708599
    The text of the pic n poem I wrote. Pic is re-sized and may be hard to see.
    Rated: E · Tribute · #1708598
    The inspiration for this is the POW/MIA day event.
    Rated: 18+ · Family · #1569886
    A Domestic Violence Awareness write in myspace.
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