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Work penned in the year 2010
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2010 is the year I expand my repertoire to include longer works. As I transition from the short story to the novel, I find myself back in the student's chair, humbled by those who have studied the craft and found success. They are my role models. Their achievements demonstrate my goals.

It's hard work, writing a novel! The first draft is unsettling. It scares me to move on, paragraph to paragraph, leaving behind the mess my inner editor is dying to fix. I've never been more aware of being a rewriter, instead of a writer. And I've discovered I'm impatient. Learning patience is just one of the lessons I must master.

This folder, however, doesn't contain novels. My love for the short story keeps me writing them, between chapters, during lags in motivation or when the dreaded writer's block hits. WDC contests are my favorite way to augment a daily writing practice vital to my craft.

Writers are not; writers do.

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