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Community Notes. Shoppes are organized by themes. eg Welcome, Birthday, ...
*Vine1* *Flowerp* *Vine2*
Send a C-Note Today *Delight*
*Vine2* *Flowerp* *Vine1*

Writing.Com adds a service fee of 250 Gift Points for every Cnote sent. Each shoppe has at least 1 Shoppe fee free Cnote.
eg: Cost of a Shoppe fee free Cnote = WDC fee 250 gp + Shoppe fee 0 gp = 250 gp

 Send A Cnote Today ~ Welcome Shoppe  (E)
Community Notes. eg: Welcome to Writing.com
#1806508 by the last cicada

 Send A Cnote Today ~ Birthday Shoppe  (E)
Community Notes. eg: Happy 11th Birthday! Writing.com
#1808694 by the last cicada

Portfolio -> Send A Cnote Today
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