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Self indulgent writings of the pessimistically fueled kind.
Life on the Dark Side is the darker, more cerebral area in my portfolio. Not surprisingly, this is where the bulk of my work can be found. This collection, though, is an exercise in mental freedom. Many of my darker stories are created with the intent to share a part of my mentality with the audience. These stories add an emotional element. I intend to use this collection as a catharsis for concepts (often sociopolitical) that depress me. The stories in here are shamelessly self-indulgent ways to purge my frustration of seeing the flaws in the major sides of ruthless disputes. I use the stories here as wish fulfillment with a side of showing the audience that there are always more than two sides to a battle. What do these sides do? The stories in Cynics' Fantasies contain some of those answers.

"Occupy IDGAFistan [GC] - With Occupy Wall Street showing just how poorly the far left understands the concept of political capital, this story shows what the analytics see when they examine the movement. If iPhone ownership among the 99% ever boggled your mind, this just might be your story. *Wink*

"Malthusian March [18+] - The way I see it, there are two forces at play on this Earth: groups who encourage abundant reproduction and those who see dwindling resources as an effect of a global population that's been marching upward in numbers since the end of WWII. Anyone who falls in the latter category should check out this story (which is actually the end of a trilogy that I hope will be completed in the next couple years).

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    Because no one is truly right when everyone is wrong.
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