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Everything related to Eve of the Gods, my NaNoWriMo novel for 2011 and 2012!

Yes, I am aware this is technically cheating, but I mean to finish this novel and NaNo is my most (re:only) productive time of the year. It's unfortunate, but I mean to take advantage of it.

         The gods' realm is dying, the strength of belief fading and stealing from them their homes and, in some instances, their very existences. But there comes a threat that would finish the gods, a death knell that would leave nothing in its wake. For gods do not have bodies and they do not have souls; they exist as an idea given form, and belief is necessary to shape that form. Without belief, they cease to exist forever.

         As any entity does when faced with nonexistence, the gods turn to an ally, a woman whose strength and belief belie her youth and inexperience. Evelyn Sinclair can save them because she believes, and belief is all that matters when shaping the world.

          But Lyn is more than what she appears, and when memories get involved, belief becomes all the more dangerous a force to reckon with. And worse, her only other ally is an entity whose name is a byword for evil.

Included in this folder:

*BulletR* Prep for the Novel, so you can learn all about my characters, their world, and what exactly they should end up doing some time this month.

*BulletR* A character sketch for Eve, the main character of this novel. A bunch of anecdotes, it's intended to help me (and you) get to know and understand just how Lyn (as she thinks of herself) feels about life, the universe, and everything (and, yes, she thinks of 42).

*BulletR* The novel itself. You, too, can read the ramblings of 50k in 30 days. I doubt this thing'll only be 50k, but for the first 30 days of writing, it'll be such rambling as you've never seen! And yes, I am aware that technically doing the same novel for two years in a row is cheating, but NaNo is my most productive time of the year and I mean to finish this thing!

Have fun, readers!
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    Book for my "October NaNoWriMo Prep" project!
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    For she who forgets must now remember her tale...
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/1823221-Eve-of-the-Gods--NaNoNovel-1112