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This folder is a Tribute to Jeffery Nichols. He died 12/15/11. He'll be greatly missed!
This is Jeff Nichols dressed in Hogwarts robes. It was taken when Book 7 was released?

William Jeffrey Nichols, better known as Jeff by friends and family, went to be with Christ on the evening of December 15, 2011. He loved Christ with all his heart and was a member of First Baptist Church of Byhalia, in Byhalia, Mississippi. To all who knew him he was a shining example of faith and courage.

Throughout his long battle with leukemia, then liver failure, he never gave up hope, no matter the odds. He maintained his sense of humor, keeping those around him smiling and their hearts warm. He had a radiance about him, a beautiful godly heart and personality, and he will be greatly missed.

He is survived by his mother, Betsy Nichols, his father, Jerry Nichols, his brother Jonathan Nichols, his sister-in-law Megan Nichols, his grandparents William (Billy) Nichols, Fannie Mae Nichols, Nellie Rikard, and the late William Rikard.

He was the creator and Headmaster of Ultimate Hogwarts: The Rebirth. He was a wonderful friend and mentor to many of the members on site. The site is a RPG type site but with a twist. You have to write everything in the role play post. He was very much the writer. This folder will contain a lot of his work. Though it will also contain Threads, poems, lyrics and other things done for him by family and friends. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

In lieu of flowers, a memorial fund has been set up in Jeff’s memory at Citizen’s Bank of Byhalia in Byhalia, Mississippi, and the other at Bancorp South in Sennatobia, Mississippi.

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    Ultimate Hogwarts: Rebirth has become a legacy. We're on a new site with a whole new plot.
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    This is the starting post for the thread by the same name. We posted it on 12/19/11.
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    These are sigs. that Jeff used on Rebirth for his characters.
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    This is one Jeff's bios for Rebirth.They're born on 8/28 and died on 12/15/11.Jeff was 24.
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    This is Jeff Nichols dressed in Hogwarts robes. It was taken when Book 7 was released?
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