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A blogging adventure has been launched and we want writing.com members to be a part of it!

A Scribbler is one of us, past, present or future. Like a rough draft of a book, or a crudely sketched story arc, or perhaps a few blotted words on a ketchup-stained napkin nabbed from the bar, a Scribbler is one of the many preforms of an an aspiring writer - which is a nice way of saying an unpublished author. One day a Scribbler will undergo a similar metamorphoses to its paper counterpart, blossoming out of inkstained fingers and into the world of readership. So whilst one may be better off doing something useful (like a book that acts as a door-stop) and certainly you could be doing something more enjoyable than reading about Scribblers, all in all Scribblers are just about WORDS and most of the time, that is enough.

This is a folder dedicated to the joint venture set up by myself and the girl in the upper right: a blog, but a blog about writing, about literature, about the way that scribblers like us can become authors like them. There will daily prompts, sometimes more than one, there will be book reviews serving as examples of great writing, there will be articles on the lives of Scribblers and (hopefully one day) the lives of our already-successful counterparts. We will also be running a scheme for writers of writing.com - selected novelists and the Rising Stars currently - to take part by allowing us to read, display and review (a term that here refers to the deconstruction, evaluation and interpretation of ones work) your short stories and poetry.

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