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Fantasy: Shorts, Novella's and Novels
Fantasy Fiction

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 Cinderella's War - 1000 Words  (13+)
Cinderella must decide if she is to go war against her own children to save the kingdom.
#1869945 by Charlie Cogwin

 Dracula's Human Cultivation - 1000 Words  (18+)
Patrick Dracula has lost the ways of his family rituals and tries to set it right.
#1869186 by Charlie Cogwin

 Spirit Walker - 2000 Words  (13+)
Rin must battle the great Muni sea creature to become the Spirit Walker.
#1869070 by Charlie Cogwin

 Craven: Only Jon Knows   (13+)
A lord pleads to the eucalyptus god Jon Mathews for salvation. 600 words
#1868150 by Charlie Cogwin

 Japanese American - 1000 Words  (13+)
A Japanese American honors his parents by taking the lives of those that murdered them.
#1867836 by Charlie Cogwin
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