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All my autobiographical items and any work related to my family history
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I have a lot of information on my family tree, as well as my husband's family tree. Not just names, dates and facts (although I have a lot of those too!) but stories and interviews, etc. I hope to one day put all the information into some sort of readable format and publish it for the family to read and keep.

I'm also collating family recipes, old and new, to create a special family recipe book.

All of this (as any historian will tell you!) is a work in progress.

If you spot errors (grammatical, factual or otherwise), please let me know. Any suggestions on making it more readable or enjoyable are also gratefully received.


PS. If you are interested in writing your own family history, please take a moment to check out the "Roots & Wings Group, which has a monthly contest, a discussion group and regular newsletters.
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