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Containing all my darker short stories and contest entries.
Herein is mostly my flights of fancy with the darker side of story telling. There's some uplifting stuff as well, but mainly this will contain my attempts at breaking free of the bonds of writing that I've held myself within for so long. I work with a different style when it comes to my short stories.

Either they are direct, or they are recollections but the goal I'm working towards is becoming as adept at the archaic style of verbiage as my most beloved short story writer: Edgar Allan Poe. It's doubtful that I could ever be held to the same caliber as such a prolific writer of the dark, but his stories have always inspired me to be more than just a writer of wizards.

As such, I've begun to explore the writing of the occult, and supernatural. I'm not a fan of happy endings in stories like this, so its doubtful that you will find many.

At any rate, I do hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoy writing them! Again, I want to thank all those who've supported me at being a better writer, you guys have not only looked over my work and offered great feedback, you also encouraged me to be my best! Thank you all for that gift!
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    Where can someone hide from himself.
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