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A look at the books on my shelf
Books. I'm looking at all of my books. Will they help me? Do they help me? Books

Here we have some books are on marriage. How interesting they must be, but I have not read those books. My husband and I seem to be happy together so I will put that off for now. Looking at my books. Here is a book titled "Hooked." It's a book for writers and It explains how you should proceed in grabbing your audience in the very beginning. It's really a good book. Mmmm, my books.

Look, here is a Dictionary / Thesaurus. I have used this book many times. It does not have a complete dictionary, but it does OK. Aw, more books. Over there is a book on ghosts. I loved that book. It was written by several authors from the Writers Guild. I couldn't put it down until I was finished.

Here's a book by Clare Vanderpool called Navigating Early. It's a great book for adults and boys alike. Oh, there's one of my favorites, "Laughter was Created for Days Like this. Boy, this is so true. Some days I really need to read that book.

So many books lay upon my shelf. Each one loved and cherished by me. Each one has given me pleasure, a sense of worth, information on writing or the world in general, and so much more. I really love my books. Step into my world, use my books, they are wonderful.

Escape to another world as you sit comfortable at home, and imagine you are somewhere else. Here, grab one of these books. Do you need to know how to write something different?

There are books on living in the now and books on living with your past. Remember, "I'm OK, You're OK." WOW, great book that one.

Books. They inspire and inform you. Try them, enjoy what they hold for you.
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