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Stories written within a specific genre for limited word contests on WDC
 The Purple Blackwork Handfast Ribbon  (13+)
Soul Mates lost and found, until death shall part them, and brings them back together
#2016698 by Earthenware_Haven

 Tossed Earth Salad  (13+)
Giant puzzle pieces of terra firma stand leaning, or are crumpled at odd angles.
#1950030 by Earthenware_Haven

 Cheaper to Keep Her - Purring  (13+)
A funny story about trying to save a strange species of cat
#1950699 by Earthenware_Haven

 No Favors for Tara  (13+)
Tara finds an envelope containing a checkbook, and checks, and turns it over to police
#1950849 by Earthenware_Haven

 The Luckler  (13+)
His real job was at night, when the big gamblers were out to wheel and deal
#1951057 by Earthenware_Haven

 The Happy Family  (13+)
A family who keeps to themselves, only serve to arouse suspicion of the neighbors
#1951312 by Earthenware_Haven

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#1957542 by Not Available.

 Autumn Harvest: The Curtains  (13+)
Russell Franklin keeper of the family history and honor, builds a memorial
#1960040 by Earthenware_Haven

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/1961699-Genre-Based-Contest-Entries-2013-2014