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Snippets of Story ideas that come to me from writing prompts.
It was the spirit that really bothered her. She didn’t mind not making the team. What really ticked her off was the deception these women perceived. All her life people like Kelly Gonzalez and Erica Strickland have dominated Jenny’s life. Jenny won’t say a word she would hear them snicker in the background their shrilling screaches piercing through her flesh like a dagger in the wind. Conjuring up these memories infurarited Jenny on this bitter early January morning as she drove down the snow slicked highways of Philadelphia. A howling wind soared from the impending gray skies above shaking her petite maroon Taurus. Her fragile hands desperateoly clutching to the wheel she contemplated losing the biggest battle of all her life.
Still going over Ms. Princeton’s callous speech to her the other day how her performance wasn’t up to par with the rest of the office. She was late with reports never on time and constant family issues the firm had no choice but to let her go and not allow her to make the team. That was so unfair as she worked just as hard as those other bitches did in the office. Sure she had a sickly mother two children and a drunk for a husband but this was the deck that was dealt to her. What was she to do just abandon ship and let them win over?
Desperately she clung to any hopes of having the adminstrative assistant job that rightfully should of been hers. Patting her purple pocket book she could feel the lump of steel hard and cold as a block of ice just waiting to be utilized. Soon enough bitches. Soon you shall all see the true Jenny Flowers. No more nice girl anymore.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/1981833-Story-Ideas